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    The Store Relax In Comfort

    Last updated 2 months ago

    Relax In Comfort


    Is more than a mattress store it’s a place to find some answers to your well-being

    We have been in the wellness business since 1967 and truly love to help people find the best way to feel better through the products that we carry.

    Mr. & Mrs. De Paulis started this business in 1967 with a strong desire to help people feel better.

    The products that we carry at Relax In Comfort are carefully chosen to give you better sleep with State of the Art technology in bedding with adjustable sleep positions that have helped our devoted clientele throughout the years.

    The beds that are compatible with adjustable power bases are now gaining much attention through the extensive research and development in sleep comfort and technology.

    The adjustable sleep position is vital to a good night’s sleep just by adjusting the lower legs and torso. By just a few inches of elevation relieves the lower lumbar and releases the tight muscles that are often associated with sciatica, restless leg syndrome while promoting better blood circulation.

    The upper torso elevation is just as important to free your breathing, opening up your air ways, taking pressure off your neck, shoulders making way to you being able to sleep on your back when you never could before.

    Once our knowledgeable sleep educators have worked with you and your partner we are able to show you how you can sleep better every night for the rest of your life by sleeping in the elevated position of what is referred to as the “Heart Healthy” position.

    In this position you are cradled allowing all your muscles and tension to be released from your body so you can fall asleep, stay a sleep and actually wake up in the same cradled position.

    Imagine waking up with no pain!

    I am asked often “How do I know if I am on the right bed for me?” My answer is simple just come on in and let our knowledge guide and direct you to just the right bed for you. Our #1 Best Selling and performing bed is the Comfortaire.

    This mattress surpasses what all other mattresses can do for you. Through the innovation of the air adjust-ability and the combination of foam one can truly achieve customized comfort having the bed contour to your specific body.

    At Relax In Comfort we offer other precise products that have been affirmed by such well known sleep experts such as Dr Breuss. His beds are made of latex and have been tested for comfort, contour to the body as well as longevity and luxury.

    As often happens when you are welcomed into our store we genuinely ask what kinds of physical challenges you have so that can lead us to help you in the best way possible.


    Come to Relax In Comfort and let us help you feel better too!

    Can't Sleep? That Is The Question…

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Can't Sleep? That Is The Question…


    I don’t know about you, but I remember when as a teenager I could easily sleep until “the crack of noon”. Now I find at the age of, well let’s just say past 50, this no longer is the case. I have found that with each passing decade of life, both the quality and quantity of my sleep has .definitely decreased. Since these last decades of my life are considered “golden”, I knew a change in my sleep experience was necessitated if I wanted to enjoy life to its fullest. I was introduced to this beneficial change at Relax In Comfort, and my life has forever been changed! Better quality sleep had always been in my grasp, but no one had ever ‘educated’ me as to what was available. Times are ‘definitely a’changing’ as I age, and whether you like it or not, with each passing day they are changing for you as well!

    From a purely physiological standpoint, I believe we can all agree that there are many and numerous changes that take place as we age. Unfortunately, changing sleep patterns are a part of the normal aging process. Most of my friends in my same basic age category have shared with me that they tend to have a harder time falling asleep and more trouble staying asleep than when they were younger. There has been significant research done to support the fact that our need for sleep doesn’t decrease with age, but remains fairly constant. When you add to that the fact that the new generation of seniors are generally more active than preceding generations, the need for the most comfortable and restorative sleep possible is a very viable fact if as seniors, we want our golden years to be optimum!

    That being said, what are some of the more commonly recognized "Can't sleep reasons"

    • Snoring is one aspect of the sleep experience that tends to escalate as we age. Remember visiting your grandparents on vacation and hearing sounds similar to a speeding locomotive emanating from your grandparents bedroom, not to mention the walls that seemed to reverberate with every new breath? Snoring can definitely be a ‘deal-breaker’ when it comes to quality of sleep.
    • Insomnia can almost be a by-word for the senior adult. Staring at the ceiling night after night is not at all uncommon for the aging adult. Everything from counting sheep to drinking warm milk is offered as a possible cure-all, but rarely does this suffice for that ongoing, unrelenting cycle of tossing, turning and clock-watching that often becomes the norm and not the exception for many older adults.
    • Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is another common sleep problem that heads the list of chronic medical conditions that many seniors experience. If you have ever suffered with even occasional heartburn, you can empathize with those who continually face the pain of this unwelcome intruder!
    • Chronic back pain and pressure-related maladies often plague our seniors at a more intense level than in younger years. The stress of this pain and the ever-present pressure that is encountered every night, rob them of their much needed sleep.

    These are only a few of the issues seniors face that can quickly erode away the quality of their sleep experience. Although at Relax In Comfort we are not medical professionals, nor claim to have the answer to all can't sleep related disorders, what we do have to offer, are health and wellness products that can speak directly to the pain, stress, fatigue, and sleepless nights that so many of the aging populace face. Our main focus is helping our customers obtain the most comfortable and restorative sleep possible through proper instruction as to the selection of the best suited mattress for their individual needs, and then adding a power adjustable base (in place of their standard box springs or flat foundation) to properly align with the curvature of their spine. Remember that your spinal column is curved, not flat, and placing your curved spine on a flat bed results in lots of tossing and turning in search of a ‘no-pressure zone’.

    It is a well-known fact that the right sleep surface when partnered with the correct spinal alignment, provides optimum comfort and support, lessens tossing and turning, assists in the reduction of pressure-related disorders, helps lessen snoring and breathing difficulties, just to name a few benefits of sleeping adjusted

    So, if like me, you are in those’ golden years’ and can't sleep, is having sleeping issues or just want to experience the most comfortable and restorative sleep possible, stop by Relax In Comfort for a demonstration of what a truly great night’s sleep is all about!


    Gel Mattress and Gel Pillows for sleeping?

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Gel Mattress or Gel Pillows for Sleeping?


    Yes! People come into our stores and are very curious about the blue squishy squares that are on display with the Technogel Pillow series. They have asked, “Why would you sleep on this?” The common answer is “If you like to sleep cooler throughout the night, this is the answer.” But there is so much more besides the excellent temperature regulation provided by the Technogel sleep systems.

    Technogel beds provide support to all different types of sleepers. The gel layers provide a 3-D deformation which means it molds itself to each individual body deforming in all directions (up-down, left-right and frontward and backward). This body support is completely different than what the typical coil, foam, memory foam, latex beds provide. These antiquated types of beds compress in only one direction (up-down). Therefore, Technogel evenly distributes over the entire contact surface which causes a weightless feeling and prolongs the life expectancy of a bed! Technogel beds have been proven to last at least 20 years without compromising comfort.

    When we brought in the 3 Technogel mattress models to our show room, I felt like Goldilocks when trying the 3 bed choices. For me, there was one that was too firm, one was too soft and there was one that was just right. What they all had in common, is the incredible support to my pressure points. The Gel Mattress felt like they were accepting my curves and providing support in the necessary areas in addition to allowing me to shift positions easily! I didn’t feel like my body was sinking in to the bed which gave me the ability to get in and out easily.

    Technogel sleepers have shown that they sleep 45% more through the night. Not only because of the support system in the mattresses, but Technogel lowers the contact surface temperature by 4 degrees since the body heat is dispersed away from the body. These are only the minimal benefits that Technogel beds provide.

    We, at Relax in Comfort, are strong advocates of sleeping with elevation. Adding a power base to these already supportive Gel Mattress, provides over the top support and comfort. The power bases enhance the overall sleep quality to the cutting edge gel technology provided with the Technogel beds.

    So if you want to sleep cooler, sleep longer, and wake up feeling better than you felt before you got into bed, Power Technogel Beds are your answer!

    Written by Jackie Ricardo


    "Skirting The Issue"…About Bed Skirt

    Last updated 3 months ago

    “Skirting The Issue”…About Bed Skirt


    If you are anything like me, you enjoy that periodic visit to the latest model homes to get some personal decorating ideas. I love to see how the designer arranges pictures, vases, etc. to get the most eye-catching configurations. I especially love to see the exquisite way they window dress their beds with the most colorful and luxuriant linens, comforters, pillows, and oh yes… the bed skirt! When I see a bedroom without it I feel like if its not complete, it looks empty and I know not everyone feels the same way but for some of us is mandatory. Whether pleated, boxed, or straight-lined, a bed skirt is truly the ‘pearls on the black dress’ when it comes to the finishing touch to a well-designed bedroom suite.
    Almost daily, we have customers visit our showrooms with one particular question in regard to the purchase of an adjustable power base sleep system. “can I still use my bed skirt?” The reason for their question is that they have recently paid a visit to one of our competitors who have answered that question with a resounding “NO! This is definitely not the answer they are looking for as many of our customers have invested in beautifully matched linens, comforters and dust truffles that they want to be able to continue to use. This is especially true if they don’t use an existing frame or footboard. Their coordinating bed skirt is a critical component to their overall design line. I love to see their faces quickly change from the anticipation to what they expect will be another “no” answer, to a big smile when I tell them ‘no problem’.
    The reason our competitors’ products do not allow for bed skirts is very simple. Their mattresses are directly bolted to the adjustable bases. When you look at most of the foam bed companies, you will note a large,,dense foam composite that isn’t very bendable. Once the mattress is placed on an adjustable base that allows the mattress to conform to your spinal contour, this large lump of foam just doesn’t want to contour. In order for the look to be esthetically pleasing to the customer, both bed and base must be bolted, or otherwise firmly attached. This helps to more closely align the contour of the two components. Unfortunately, with this little ‘bolted boost’ there is a definite downside. Your mattress cover can tear very easily, and there’s no way to position a bed skirt between the two pieces.
    This is also true with the most widely recognized air-support company nationally, whose mattresses consist of stiff foam borders which encase the air chambers. The cotton-latex chambers additionally contribute to the lessened bendability. The end result, the beds have wooden borders enveloping their power bases, therefore, NO bed skirts! Also, as a side-note, because of their adjustable bases and mattresses are bolted together, it only allows for the same elevations in the leg position (who wants that???)
    At Relax In Comfort, we offer the most comfortable and restorative sleep possible with our adjustable firmness mattress and zero-gravity adjustable power bases. The unique versatility of this system allows for an individual customizing to each partner’s back and spine that is unparalleled!
    Before you give up on the idea of being able to use your special bed “window-dressing”, be sure and stop by one of our showrooms and see how easily adaptable your favorite bed skirt can be to any of our adjustable power bases!

    Sleep Positions

    Last updated 3 months ago

    Sleep Positions…Position…Position


    Over the years, I’m sure almost everyone who has ever purchased a home or considered where to locate a business has heard the much-used phrase, location, location, location. This of course refers to the importance location plays in issues of property resale or flow of business. In the world of adjustable beds, and comfortable and restorative sleep, there could easily be a sister phrase of “position, position, position when referencing your proper spinal alignment when resting or sleeping.

    Most of us have probably experienced more than one sleepless night tossing and turning from unrelenting neck, shoulder or hip pressure, and lack of proper lumbar support. Not to mention of course the ever-present ‘snore issue’. First you start out on your back, but after a short time you find this certainly isn’t working, so you roll over on your side. Once you roll to your side, you encounter a different set of pressure issues. You are now placing about seven times as much pressure on your body, with the focus primarily across the shoulders and hips. Result, of this increased pressure is neck and shoulder pain, numb and tingling arm or hand, and pain in the hip or knee.

    Additionally, when on your side in the fetal position (we all tend to go in that 90/90 degree bend), your spine in no longer in a neutral position because the knees are directed down and the hips are up. Have you ever placed a small pillow between your knees? If so, unconsciously, you were trying to compensate for the drop in your spinal alignment.

    Does this sound at all familiar? If so, rest assured, you can experience a comfortable and restorative night’s sleep with just some minor adjustments to your spinal configuration. At Relax In Comfort, we specialize in helping our customers experience an unparalled night’s sleep. We accomplish this through assisting our customers in the selection of the best possible mattress for their individual needs, and then educating them as to the benefits for their back and spinal health when they add in one of our adjustable zero-gravity power bases.

    Often we fail to take into account that our backs are curved, not flat or straight up and down. When we try and sleep on our backs (generally considered by doctors as the optimum position) on a flat bed, our neck and shoulders can experience pain or discomfort, our lumbar area lacks sufficient support, and our back muscles tense and tighten our ribcage. When this occurs, our breathing is impaired, and often shallow breathing and snoring are the end result. When our customers utilize our zero-gravity adjustable bases, customizing the elevation of their head and feet, breathing and circulation are enhanced, and the spine can be correctly positioned for the ultimate in restorative and comfortable sleep.

    Customers will immediately begin to experience the reality of un-interrupted sleep cycles largely caused by their constant tossing and turning in search of the perfect, pressure-free sleep positions. We all can readily attest to the fact that a restful night’s sleep makes all the difference in the way we handle the stresses, trials and pleasures of everyday life!

    Your back and spinal health is of utmost importance, so always remember, sleep positions so important to learn how to get healthier even when you take a nap you will wake up feeling brand new because you did it the right way and with all your organs on alignment and your weight distributed on the widest part of your body …rest positions…sleep positions…when it comes to your times of resting and sleeping!

    Be sure and stop by Relax In Comfort, where your comfort and back care are our #1 focus!

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