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    I Can't Sleep On My Back...

    Last updated 9 days ago

    But I can't sleep on my back!...

    When you work in a wellness environment, focusing on back and spinal health, you hear a myriad of statements that often  don’t arise when you are shopping in a traditional furniture store or in one of the mass marketed “mattress maze” stores.

    At Relax In Comfort, when it comes to the sleep experience, our focus is on helping our customers obtain not only the most comfortable, but also the most restorative sleep possible. This is achieved through both assisting our customers in selecting the best possible system for their individual needs, and through education of the importance of sleeping “adjusted”, or in simple terms, with head and foot elevations that are contouring to their spine. Most doctors will recommend back sleep ‘hands down’ over other sleep positions and generally place their patients both on their back and adjusted after surgery to facilitate their healing process.

    That being said, the statement I hear more than any other is, “but I don’t /can’t sleep on my back.” We will generally introduce a first-time guest to our showroom, to one of our recliners which place you in the back supporting, spinal-contouring position known as “zero-gravity”. In this position, brought to the forefront by NASA and the positioning of the astronauts for space travel, the legs are elevated, the hips are lowered, and the head is placed in a pressure-relieving position for the neck and shoulders. You are actually placing your body in the fetal position which we all default to when sleeping on our sides, but you are doing it on your back.

    When asked if they could fall asleep in one of these chairs, the answering is always, ‘absolutely”, yet that same customer has already stated to sleep on their back is out of the question! There’s nothing better than when a light goes on for someone and you don’t have to say a word. They quickly see that it’s not a matter of an inability to sleep on your back (ever fallen asleep in your favorite recliner??); it’s that they have been trying to do so on a flat surface.

    In some of our testimonials and reviews, clients have mentioned that they can now "sleep on my back" or that "I never thought I could sleep on my back"

    Take a good look at your spine next time you’re headed for the shower; it’s not flat, it has a slight S curve.  It’s no wonder you can’t sleep on your flat bed comfortably, but once your spine is placed in a naturally contouring position, pressure and tension are relieved, breathing and circulation improve, and Viola’ you’re soon dancing with the sandman! Imagine the added benefits of aligning your spine in this pressure-relieving position through the use of an adjustable power base! To be able to sleep comfortably, achieve restorative benefits, and awake refreshed and ready to meet your day head-on truly is possible. Remember that anything you encounter will be optimized when you’ve had a good night’s sleep!

    So, if you’re still not convinced, do your back a favor and stop by one of our showrooms and experience for yourself the amazing benefits of resting and sleeping in an adjusted position. You will no longer say “I can’t sleep on my back”, but rather “why did I wait so long???”   




    Why Power Adjustable Beds?

    Last updated 26 days ago

    About Adjustable Beds

    Adjustable beds (also called Power Foundations) are great for helping a number of physical pains and discomforts. But did you know they can also improve your overall bedtime experience and create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to help renew your mind and body from the everyday hustle and bustle of life?

    Even if you are in perfect health (don't we all wish) you will experience luxury at night that will help you wind down after those busy, stress filled days.

    Why buy another flat bed when you can adjust your comfort with an Adjustable Power Foundation?

    Adjustable beds conform to your needs

    Position your bed to the way you live in bed - read, work, watch TV, eat- and yes, even sleep!  Make it easier for you to RELAX while you are doing your bills, surfing the net, or reading to the kids or grand kids. No need to get your neck in a kink or try to pile those pillows up in 'the perfect way'. Your ideal position can be attained with just a push of a button.

    Customize level of comfort and relaxation A flat bed gives you only one option. You can customize adjustable beds to your perfect comfort setting. Higher-end models can be set it to automatically go flat or turn off massage after you fall asleep and even store your 'ideal' position in memory. The Prodigy Power Foundation can optionally use your iPhone as a controller.

    Relieve Pain

    Only adjustable beds can be put in a zero-gravity position (some models) - and help eliminate lower back pain. Elevate your feet, improve your circulation and let the massage feature work on those aches and pains. The numerous health benefits have been documented by owning an adjustable bed and getting deep, restful sleep.

    Customized Delivery of Your New Power Adjustable Bed

    Last updated 1 month ago

    I would like to borrow a world-famous fast food chain's quote when it comes to the uniqueness of our customized delivery of your power adjustable bed:

    Have It Your Way!”

    Most of us over the age of 35, can remember when a world-famous fast food chain introduced us to the well-coined phrase from the 1990’s, which proclaimed “Have it your way!".  They were alerting the consumer to the fact that you could customize the way you ordered your hamburger. What a unique concept. No longer was it just cheese, or no cheese, but you could almost turn your run of the mill burger into a gourmet delight!

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if this same concept existed in the world of adjustable bed delivery?

    Well, At Relax In Comfort, it definitely does!!

    Quite often, we have customers visit our showroom who (after experiencing our showroom demonstration) agree to the many health and wellness benefits of our beds and adjustable bases.

    They know it’s time to make a change in the way they sleep. But, for many of these customers, this involves changing from one size mattress to another, and with this change, would normally also be a need to change their existing furniture. Needless to say, such a change can be cost prohibitive, not to mention the sentimental and emotional attachments that can exist with our furniture.

    So what is the customer’s alternative but to stay with a size bed they no longer want, or have the added expense of a new bedroom suite purchase? Rest assured (no pun intended), at Relax in Comfort, our highly skilled delivery team is able to customize your existing bed frame to accommodate a larger mattress, such as a new king-size system on your queen-size frame. Or perhaps you only want something as simple as a headboard attached to your new bed?

    Say no more!

    Our team specializes in meeting your unique in home needs, installing your new power adjustable bed exactly how you want it and putting a smile on your face!

    Keep in mind when you are in the ‘mattress maze’, or are shopping online, such delivery luxuries DO NOT exist. So you better have your hammer, saw, and tool belt close by!

    Only at Relax in Comfort, when it comes to customized delivery and installation of your power adjustable bed, will you hear “have it your way!”

    Get Your Zzzzz...The Importance of Sleep.

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The importance of sleep cannot be overstated.

    Did you know you cannot bank sleep? Also did you know sleep is more important than exercise to you overall health and well-being?

    Let me explain the importance of sleep to your overall well-being.

    I always thought 6-8 hour of sleep was enough. In fact, I knew friends and co-workers who bragged they only needed 5-6 hours at the most!  In today's society it's bragging rights about how little sleep we get and how much we can accomplish! We are a modern society 24/7, 365 days a year. Does any of this sound familiar?  Do you ever just unplug and focus on getting a great night of "restorative and rejuvenating" sleep?  What is that you may be saying to yourself.

    Sleep is a major factor in our health or lack of health. We Americans really don't have a grasp on the importance of sleep and how it affects our overall health. Did you catch the phrase " restorative and rejuvenating"?  Most people I have spoken with laugh at that and ask "what's that". Then they proceeded with a list of health issues, aches and pains, and complaints about tossing and turning, waking up tired! Does this sound familiar?

    Warning: poor sleep has been linked to a host of health issues running at epidemic an alarming rate with people of all ages.

    Studies have shown it may increase you risk of the following:

    Cardiovascular disease

    High Blood Pressure

    Heart Attacks





    Mental Health issues



    No energy

    Sleep is necessary and should be a priority on everyone's list.

    You can improve the quality of your sleep by making sure your bedroom is dark and cool, which is ideal for restorative sleep. Turn off all electronic devices, have it quiet, or get a white noise machine to block out distracting noises that may keep you awake. The most important piece in your bedroom is your bed or specifically your sleep system! Did you know more people spend more money on their bedroom furniture decor than on what they are sleeping on!

    The importance of sleep is really overlooked considering that you spend a third of your life in bed! And most of us spend our sleep time tossing and turning!

    Considering that 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, where do you think the bulk of your investment should be made?

    Where you sleep of course!

    You owe it to yourself and for your health to make sure your sleeping on the best sleep system that's right for you! A customized sleep system could very well change your sleeping, your health and your life.

    A great day begins with a great night’s sleep! The importance of sleep cannot be overstated!


    The Latex Mattress: Are They All Created Equal?

    Last updated 1 month ago

    The Latex Mattress: Are They All Created Equal?


    That's like asking which is the better culinary choice, regular or Greek yogurt? Soft-serve ice cream or hand-packed?  Obviously, the answer is “whatever consistency you prefer.” In much the same way, when purchasing a foam mattress, whether you choose Talalay or Dunlop processed latex, boils down to a matter of personal preference as to the way the latex feels to you.

    Although the latex mattress is often referred to as being either Dunlop and Talalay, these two categories, both considered to be ‘natural’, aren’t actually types of latex or rubber at all.

    They are actually the process each goes through to form the end result. As with yogurt, each processing method results in a different yogurt consistency, or thickness. Personal preference dictates your selection. (For me, it’s Greek all the way!). The same holds true for latex mattress selection.

    Dunlop is the original manufacturing system that began in the late 1920's. In this process, the latex is mixed in a piece of equipment called a centrifuge. This mixture is then drained into a mold, placed in a giant oven, and baked. The materials in the mold will settle to the bottom, making Dunlop layers firmer on the bottom or underneath side. Dunlop-produced latex is denser and more durable.

     The Talalay process is more complicated than the Dunlop. Once the latex is poured, the mold is sealed air tight, and a vacuum removes all of the air out of the mold. At this point, the mold is flash-frozen and stabilized. Talalay offers a greater selection of firmness levels. If you tend to like a softer feeling mattress with a pillowy-soft surface, your best choice will be a Talalay latex mattress. Take note that the additional steps involved in the Talalay process, although producing a more consistent cellular structure than the Dunlop process, it produces as well, a more expensive price tag.

    Ultimately, the most important thing for the consumer to base their decision on, is which mattress feels more comfortable, will create the right support, and provide the individual benefits they find most important to their overall sleep experience.

    Regular or Greek yogurt, soft-serve or hand-packed ice cream, Dunlop or Talalay processed latex…It’s just a matter of choice!


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